Why You Need Professional Community Association Management

Is your Community Association, Homeowners Association, Condominium Association or other Common Interest Property in need of professional management?

As a community volunteer leader working with your Association, you have duties and responsibilities which require you to make decisions that have financial and social impact on your neighbors.

Windermere Property Management South has a reputation for providing quality community management services.  Receiving professional and accurate advice on important issues surrounding your community such as reserve funding, common area and limited common area maintenance, budgets, governance, contracts and rules & regulations, can make the difference between a successful harmonious community and a distressed property.

Windermere Property Management South supports the professional growth of our managers in the Community Association Industry to ensure that you have the expert advice that you need to make those decisions that protects your community assets.

We are pleased to offer…


  • Bill and collect association assessments
  • Provide coupons and lockbox service for collection of assessments
  • Stringent collection efforts and compliance with due process for collection policy effectiveness
  • Facilitate the filing of liens for non-payment of assessments and/or fines
  • Process and pay vendor invoices
  • Maintain and reconcile bank accounts for the Association
  • Provide board members with monthly accounting statements:
    • Balance sheet
    • Budget comparison
    • Delinquent Assessment report
    • Bank statements and reconciliation reports
    • Copies of paid invoices to the Treasurer and President
    • Assist Treasurer and board members in drafting the annual budget
    • Maintain current database of property owners


  • Conduct productive meetings following a written agenda
  • Provide management report and copies of various monthly correspondence
  • Answer questions pertaining to financial statements
  • Advise and assist the board to establish consistent policies and procedures
  • Assist board with creating payment, collection & CC&R enforcement policies


  • Send violation notices to property owners
  • Provide board with copy of site visit report and violation notices mailed to homeowners
  • Provide homeowner with the opportunity to be heard
  • Refer legal counsel when appropriate


  • Print and mail homeowners meeting  notices according to the CC&Rs
  • Attend homeowners meetings
  • Assist with the election of the Board of Directors
  • Provide homeowners with annual financial reports and budgets


  • Assist with maintenance, repairs and replacement of capital assets
  • Provide requested information to Escrow for homeowner transfers/refinance
  • Mail newsletters
  • Assist with dispute resolution
  • Respond to homeowner concerns in a timely and responsive manner

And more…

To request a proposal, please contact us at wpmsouth@windermere.com or call (253) 638-9811.