Why You Need Professional Community Association Management

Is your Homeowners or Condominium Association in need of professional management?

WPM South – VERDI Group has a reputation for providing quality community management services. We work with Board Members to provide professional guidance on important issues surrounding your community such as: Reserve funding (hyperlink to definition of Reserve funding); common area maintenance; budgets, Governing Documents/CC & Rs; Contracts; and Rules & Regulations.

Our Community Association Managers specialize in enforcement of Rules & Regulations, the collection of homeowner dues, assessments, and maintenance requests.

We are pleased to offer…


  • Online Condo Document Ordering
  • Online Homeowner Document Ordering
  • Invoice and collect association assessments
  • Collection of homeowner dues and delinquent accounts
  • Provide online payment options and coupons for collection of assessments
  • Expedite the filing of liens for non-payment of assessments and fines
  • Process and pay vendor invoices
  • Maintain and reconcile bank accounts for the Association
  • Provide board members with monthly accounting statements:
    • Balance sheet
    • Budget comparison
    • Delinquent Assessment report
    • Bank statements and reconciliation reports
    • Copies of paid invoices to the Treasurer and President
    • Assist Treasurer and board members in drafting the annual budget
    • Maintain current database of property owners


  • Conduct productive meetings following a written agenda
  • Provide management report and copies of various monthly correspondence
  • Answer questions pertaining to financial statements
  • Advise and assist the board to establish consistent policies and procedures
  • Assist Board Members with creating and enforcement of policies


  • Provide Board Members with copy of site visit report
  • Send violation notices to homeowners for compliance
  • Provide homeowner with the opportunity to be heard
  • Refer legal counsel when appropriate


  • Print and mail homeowner meeting notices according to the CC&Rs
  • Prepare for and attend homeowner meetings
  • Assist with the election of the Board of Directors
  • Provide homeowners with annual financial reports and budgets


  • Assist with maintenance, repair, and replacement of capital assets
  • Provide requested information to Escrow for homeowner transfers/refinance
  • Provide documents for Resale Certificates and homeowner packets
  • Mail newsletters
  • Assist with dispute resolution
  • Respond to homeowner concerns in a timely and responsive manner

These are just a few of the community management services we offer. Our team will provide you with the professional expertise you expect from WPM South – VERDI Group.

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