Move Out – Cleaning Checklist

Please use this Move Out Cleaning Checklist to help you leave the premises in the same condition as Tenant found them except for normal wear and tear.

Click Here for a PRINTABLE FORM


_____ Cupboards, drawers cleaned inside and out
_____ Refrigerator wiped out, defrosted, door seal cleaned, shelves taken out, drawers out and cleaned
_____ Clean Freezer
_____ Move refrigerator, clean sides, clean floor under and behind
_____ Oven and stovetop cleaned out thoroughly
_____ Clean door, stovetop, under burners and burners
_____ Try to save pans, rings and broiler pan – throw away if not salvageable
_____ Clean range hood
_____ Move stove, clean sides, clean floor under and behind
_____ Wipe out dishwasher
_____ Clean counter tops
_____ Clean and shine sink, detail disposal
_____ Clean floor and wax
_____ Clean light fixtures and exhaust filter, then reinstall


_____ Shower walls scrubbed
_____ Bathtub scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly
_____ Faucets and showerhead shined
_____ Toilet cleaned inside and out
_____ Cabinets cleaned inside and out
_____ Sink and counter cleaned
_____ Shine faucet
_____ Floor cleaned and waxed
_____ Light fixtures cleaned
_____ Exhaust fan cleaned
_____ Heat lamp wiped off

Cleaning In All Rooms

_____ Permanent light fixtures
_____ Thermostat covers
_____ Heat vents
_____ Closet shelves
_____ Shelf brackets
_____ Top of water heater
_____ Switch plate covers
_____ Carpet professionally cleaned per lease agreement (Sec. 6, paragraph b)


_____ Tile cleaned and waxed
_____ Ashes scooped out
_____ Front and grate wiped down

Doors (including closet doors)

_____ Cleaned
_____ Clean tracks

Decks and Patios

_____ Remove all items from storage area and clean same as move-in condition
_____ Clean decks and patios
_____ Sweep entryway

Lawn and Garden Care

_____ Lawn to be maintained in “original” move-in condition, watered, mowed and edges trimmed
_____ Gardens to be cleaned and weed free

Windows and Mirrors

_____ Tracks wiped out
_____ Windows cleaned outside as well as inside
_____ Mirrors cleaned
_____ Medicine cabinet mirrors cleaned

Utility Area

_____ Washer wiped out and hinges cleaned
_____ Dryer wiped out and all lint removed
_____ Floors cleaned and waxed

Please DO NOT have the utilities disconnected. Call for a final billing effective on your vacating date and have them put into the owner’s name unless otherwise instructed. Failure to do this will result in a reconnect fee charge to you.

Please call and make an appointment for your move-out inspection after the unit is completely vacant and cleaned. All keys and garage door openers must be returned to WPM South office/agent.

The damage deposit will be returned to you within two weeks with a thorough explanation of deductions, if any. Proof of payment for any deductions will be provided. We will pay the final water and sewer bills from your security deposit, if applicable.