Rental Tours Agreement

WPM South – VERDI Group is pleased to offer Rental Tours.

The following information will explain how to schedule a private tour with one of our experienced, licensed Rental Professionals for current rental listings in the King and Pierce County areas.

The Rental Professional will take you to as many available rental homes that meet your requirements as the time allows. We hope to find the right home for you as soon as possible. We encourage you to use our search listing pages on our site to help confirm rental listings you would like to see with the Rental Professional working with you.

We offer two separate options for a tour:

Option 1: The Rental Professional’s fee for up to a four (4) hour tour is $500*  (Due prior to beginning tour)
Option 2: The Rental Professional’s fee for up to a six (6) hour tour is $600*   (Due prior to beginning tour)

Please make check payable to: WPM South – VERDI Group | 13106 SE 240th Street, Suite 200 | Kent WA 98031

The tour will include the following information:

The Rental Professional will pick-up and drop-off client from WPM South – VERDI Group’s office or an agreed upon location (i.e. hotel). Valid identification will be required prior to beginning the tour. Valid identification consists of a current driver’s license or a current passport). The identification will be emailed immediately to alert WPM South – VERDI Group’s office staff and agents that a Rental Professional is on tour.
The Rental Professional will research available rental listings in your price range and desired locations.
The Rental Professional will provide an information packet of available listed properties for tours.
The Rental Professional will make their best effort to schedule showings of available listings.
The Rental Professional will provide or assist you with a rental application if possible.

Once the Rental Professional is notified of which tour option you would like, we will require a signed Rental Tour Agreement.


We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Our Rental Professionals will spend time on research, confirming availability, scheduling showings, preparing for the tour, etc. If you fail to give the Rental Professional at least 24 hours notice that you will need to reschedule or cancel your tour, we will require a $200* cancellation fee for TOUR OPTION 1 and a $250* cancellation fee for TOUR OPTION 2.

THERE IS NO AGENCY RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOU AND THE RENTAL PROFESSIONAL CONDUCTING THE TOUR AND WORKING WITH YOU, OR BETWEEN YOU AND WPM SOUTH – VERDI GROUP. The Rental Professional working with you, and WPM South, may be or become agents on behalf of the owners of properties that are part of the tour. A Rental Professional, or WPM South – VERDI Group, will not become your agent except through a signed document identifying them as such. You are being provided with the pamphlet entitled “The Law of Real Estate Agency”, which you are encouraged to read before consulting with a Rental Professional or going on a tour.

* This fee is for the tour only and does not apply to application charges or any other rental expenses associated with leasing a home.