I joined the Windermere Property Management South, LLC team in June of 2010 as Marketing Administrator.  In November of 2012, I obtained my Washington State Real Estate Broker’s license.

2014-2015 brought many changes to our office.  We moved, updated our Property Management software to AppFolio, and the end of 2015 finds us migrating to Office 365.  I look forward to helping implementing and managing our SharePoint sites for our online environment.

WPM South has 16 Residential Property Managers, 2 Community Association Managers and 6 support staff serving King County, Pierce County and the Eastside area.

I support our Designated Broker by processing commission paperwork, creating, maintaining and updating company forms, training materials, and marketing material.

My responsibilities also include assisting our off-site IT with any on-site IT tasks such as setting up new computers and users on our company server.

WPM South has made major achievements in making technology a part of our property management business by:

  • Creating a business presence on the Internet.
  • Frequently refreshing and updating our company web site to make it a useful tool for our property managers as well as homeowners, tenants, and Community Associations/Home Owner Associations;
  • Using Google Analytics to analyze our SEO and user traffic to best market our company on the web;
  • Providing the support and assisting with technology updates to keep our property managers connected remotely;
  • Working with our property managers to brand and market themselves through WPM South’s Social Media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube), as well as their personal websites and social media sites.
  • Creating unique marketing material using programs such as Photoshop, Video Scribe, Inkscape, etc.