To whom it may concern,

I would highly recommend Shelly Tarica as your potential property manager.  I have gotten to know Shelly through her many years of managing my property.

A little background:
I bought my condo in 2006 at the height of the market. Married in 2011, moved in with my husband and would be underwater in my loan of the condo if I tried to sell, based on research the market to sell the condo.
Shelly continually rescued me with stable consistent renters that were evaluated by Shelly.

My condo management company was not the easiest to work with and Shelly continued to work hard to appease not only me but the management group.

Fast forward to 2016. Now is the time to sell. We worked out an end of lease date that met the tenant’s time-frame as well as mine and the condo is on the market at a good time to sell.

The condo is in perfect shape (Shelly does spot checks to make sure all is well and the condition of the property is being maintained.).

The condo is on the market and I sure it will sell quickly and I do have Shelly to thank for many things.

The condition of the condo, getting us through the tough years, communication and the commitment and relationship with all concerned through these challenging years.

You are in good hands with Shelly Tarica managing your property!


I wanted to let you know that Sarah Devine is a true professional. She was patient, kind and went out of her way to keep us informed through the process of finding a home to rent. I suggest WPM South and Sarah Devine to anyone looking for a fair and honest property management company.

Thank you Sarah and thank you WPM South for having such a devoted professional on your team.


I just wanted to wish you a Happy Holidays from the Ness family.  We are very blessed to be safe and protected in the house we’re renting and wanted to relay our gratefulness to you and the owner.  Will you please also give our thanks to the owners of the house?  And to Jason, who keeps all the little things in working order! We appreciate the super-fast response you give when a repair (though rarely needed) is requested!


The Ness family.


I just wanted to let you know that working with you and the Windermere team has been a pleasure.  After experiencing other PM companies this time around, we really appreciated the professionalism exhibited by you and your team throughout our rental experience in this house. 

 Thank you!


I have another property manager on an out-of-state property. Dawnette Fletcher outperforms them! She provides photos of the property, in depth tenant information and responds to all questions immediately. The repair work on my property is done quickly. I don’t worry about the tenants ruining my property, because of Dawnette’s excellent screening process and owner involvement, and when things happen at the property I know Dawnette will be able to find the perfect resource to fix it. This is a service I would recommend to anyone with an investment property. It is money well spent.


We own a property that Dawnette Fletcher of WPM/South has been managing for us for about 5 years. We live outside the United States and feel so comfortable having our property in Dawnette’s hands. She has found us wonderful renters who have paid their rent on time each month and treated our house as if it is their own.

She is right on top of anything that needs repairs with her list of contacts for any contractor needed.

Yes, there is a stiff contract in order to rent through WPM, but as owners we are happy about this. We make the ultimate decision as to who we rent to, WPM does not. If you have nothing to hide, have a job and good credit then renting through Windermere will ensure your rental home will be a home that you can be happy with.

Dawnette has her own staff and we have NEVER had a problem communicating with her at anytime of day or night. Our latest tenant is moving out after 2 years and Dawnette had our condo re-rented within a week. We could not be happier with her service. We have always had piece of mind with Dawnette and her staff.

Thank you Dawnette Fletcher,

I have to say you guys run a top notch outfit as well. Most PM companies I work with seem to prefer to keep the tenants out of the loop, at least from us, concerned that they may try to influence or add on to what we’re supposed to do.

Thanks again!

Sarah Devine has been great from helping us to prepare our house for rental to working with tenants. She has been extremely responsive to all questions and maintenance needs. She has also done a great job coordinating with the tenants when problems arise. Sarah has made renting our house much easier.

Eric & Aura