Emergency Situation / Winter Preparedness

WPM South’s Definition of an Emergency Situation:

AN EMERGENCY IS DEFINED AS: “A sudden, urgent, unexpected occurrence requiring immediate action.” We have further defined it as imminent danger of creating property damage. Of course, if there is danger to life, call 911 immediately. If the danger is to the property, please contact your property manager first on their cell phone. If you are unable to reach your property manager leave a message. In case of an absolute emergency have whatever repairs done as economically as possible. We have provided a list of vendors for your convenience. You will be reimbursed for your out of pocket expenses AS LONG AS THE CALL WAS JUSTIFIED AS AN EMERGENCY. Remember, this must be an emergency that cannot wait until the next business day to be repaired, and creating or MAY create property damage. INCONVENIENCE IS NOT CONSIDERED AN EMERGENCY.

Winter Preparedness

Take preventative measures to ensure you have a safe and warm winter. Before winter, inspect your home for any items needing attention and feel free to contact your property manager at 253-638-9811 with any questions you may have.

To avoid many of the problems associated with winter, remember to keep your home warm. It is important to keep some heat on, especially if you are away from home for any length of time. You should keep the heat at least 60 degrees or above 24 hours a day during periods of extreme cold (below 32 degrees). Temperatures that fall below 20 degrees, particularly when accompanied by strong winter winds, dramatically increases the possibility of frozen water pipes and the resulting damage from bursting and flooding. It’s important that you plan ahead.

Inconvenience and financial loss can be reduced if you follow simple guidelines:

  • Outside exposed faucets must be covered with foam protectors or wrapped in plastic.
  • Hoses must be disconnected from outside faucets.
  • When below 32 degrees and accompanied by strong winds, inside faucets should be left on a running drip of LUKEWARM water so that both hot and cold water pipes are involved.
  • Pipes under kitchen and bathroom sinks are very vulnerable; sink cabinet doors should be left open to allow heat from residence to enter.
  • If you are going away for any length of time, a neighbor or friend should be asked to check the pipes in your absence.
  • Water should be shut off at the main valve. If the break is a hot water pipe the valve on the top of the water tank should be closed. KNOW THE LOCATION OF ALL WATER SHUT OFF VALVES! If you cannot locate the shutoff valves, call your property manager.
  • Remember, that a pipe does not necessarily burst the first time it freezes. It may take several freezes and thaws before damage occurs.
  • In the case of heavy snowfall; remove snow from shrubs to avoid breakage.

Winter Preparedness On-line Links: